Publications and Manuscripts Under Peer-Review

Davis, Nicole, Nils Olsen, Vanessa G. Perry, Marcus M. Stewart, and Tiffany B. White (2023),“I’m Only Human? The Role of Racial Stereotypes, Humanness and Satisfaction in Transactions with Anthropomorphic Sales Bot Agents,” Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 8(1), 47-58.

Davis, Nicole, Rosanna K. Smith, and Julio Sevilla, “Interracial Relationships in Marketing Appeals Influence Brand Outcomes.” Invited for 3rd round review at the Journal of Consumer Research (no additional data collection requested).

  • Best Paper in Track Award, AMA 2023 Winter Conference
  • Best Talk in Track Award, SCP 2022 Conference

Davis, Nicole and Tami Kim, “Owner Attribute Label Increases Perceptions of Competence for Marginalized Populations.” Invited for 2nd round review at the Journal of Consumer Research.

  • Best Paper in CB Track Award, AMA Summer 2022 Conference